Comment 4 for bug 1002972

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 09:52:41AM +0100, Axel G. Rossberg wrote:
> > You should be able to verify if it is a compiz bug by temporarily disabling
> > that aspect of your configuration.
> I think I am using compiz as my window manager (wobbly windows and
> stuff). When doing "metacity --replace" xterm does not move anymore
> when clicking the titel bar.
> This should not be a problem with xterm, because the same happens with
> other legacy X11-programs (xclock, xfontconfig). The simplest piece
> of software exhibiting the problem is xmessage. The issue must be
> with the interaction between one of the libraries xmessage binds and
> compiz

It sounds as if the problem could be reassigned to compiz then (not an xterm

Thomas E. Dickey <email address hidden>