Comment 8 for bug 940085

Chris (fabricator4) wrote :

However there IS conflict between the new shortcut keys and other uses of the super key. Now, when I press and hold shift-super in preparation for pressing the arrow keys I get several unwanted and annoying behaviours:

1) The Launcher pops out, all numbered up

2) The Hint screen for shortcut keys pops up and overlays the wall

3) Only _after_ the workspace is selected does the wall come to the foreground - apart from that it's behind shortcut key help screen. It's very annoying and confusing

4) The whole things works so slow that most of the time you are looking at the shortcut key hint screen, with the wall out of focus below it. Every time I press an arrow key the shortcut key help screen comes to the foreground while the animation on the wall is occurring.

5) I get very annoyed and wonder if someone actually thought this through. If this goes out as it is in LTS then it will be seriously broken.