Comment 16 for bug 772177

The user experience is degraded FAR MORE by the 0.2 second delay than it is by the flicker of the window (which I do not experience when setting the delay to 0). My googling has indicated that the solution that many people opt for is to disable compositing completely. That should be an indication that the default should just be changed to 0 seconds.

The perception when you're using Ubuntu on a new computer with a high end graphics card is that something in Ubuntu is just fundamentally broken when a feature as familiar and ubiquitous as Alt-Tab is slow.

Please just change the default Static Application Switcher > Behavior > Popup Window Delay to 0 seconds. The flickering issue will be resolved when Ubuntu moves from to Wayland. In the meantime, everyone will benefit from a snappier, more responsive desktop experience.

Thank you.