Comment 36 for bug 755842

Timo Jyrinki (timo-jyrinki) wrote :

Jacob: Since this fix is targeted to 12.04 as well, the commit fixing this particular problem should be pushed to the 0.9.7 branch (, from which the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS compiz releases are made. The first compiz SRU (stable release upgrade) deployed to the masses two weeks ago contained similar backported fixes already, so this would be something targeted for the next SRU.

The 12.04.2 is the name of the next "whole Ubuntu" SRU, but it only acts as a high level target and compiz SRU itself may come earlier. The point releases are simply updated install images, while the actual fixes they contain come to existing users over time, before the point release. The reason for this bug fix not making it to the original 12.04.1 schedule is simply that it was only now fixed in the development 0.9.8 branch, as indicated, and before deploying to tens of millions of people the fix will need proper preparing, testing etc. in combination with the 12.04 stack. It's not always so that the backported fix would behave exactly like it does in the development version, since 0.9.8 branch has seen significant re-working of compiz code in many places compared to 0.9.7.

Any package SRU:s will first appear in precise-proposed, and then if no problems are reported in this final test phase it will finally released into precise-updates.