Comment 17 for bug 755842

j-stuffer (j-stuffer) wrote :

Seems it depends on which workspace you are and to which border the window is near.
Try the following:
1. Maximized Browser on upper left workspace
2. On upper right workspace: Put a Nautilus-window to the right side so it "sticks" to the right border (or is only few pixels away)
3. Go back to upper left workspace
4. Klick on Nautilus-symbol
5. Workspace does not switch to upper right and shows Nautilus. Instead I stay on upper left workspace and show a small part of Nautilus.

When putting Nautilus to the right side of the lower left workspace everything works fine. Putting Nautilus on lower right workspace it's messed up again.

Putting Nautilus next to the bottom (but not next to left/right edge) on upper right workspace works fine. But on both lower workspaced it's messed up again.