Comment 5 for bug 1055766

akeane (akeane) wrote :

>akeane, please stop with the snark.

Why is my bug report a "snark", I have in good faith reported what I consider a bug with Ubuntu, namely the functionality that is being added to the GUI is not also being consistently added to the CLI tools that some many of us rely on.

You have chosen to mark my bug report "invalid", which is your total prerogative and I have total respect for you doing that.

I am saddened, however, you have chosen to resort to personal insults (being labeled a snark nearly made my monocle drop out!), rather than focusing on the technical issues presented.

>We're actually trying to fix bugs and make Ubuntu better on Launchpad.

I'm trying to make Ubuntu better too...

Would it help if I hacked up grep myself and posted the patch?