Comment 41 for bug 1055766

J Cord (j7cord) wrote :

I have had time to think about this today and I really am warming up to the idea. The plan to upstream this to Grandpa Debian is wise and as I have sid on another hard drive I will check latter today for the fix from the debian devs. Please though give me just a minute of your time. I don't think this goes quite far enough. Therefore I suggest including the Compiz Team to assist. What I am thinking of is a Terminal Mall. I would like the compiz cube . The 2d terminal is so passe. We could then by utilizing the 4 cube faces and top and bottom caps , a real mall type experience. This could segment different vendors to a particular face of the cube , I like organization.
For example hardware vendors have a plane, amazon ,etc, their own, google wallet , paypal, my bank (better Mark's bank) all on their own plane. We should however keep one of the planes available for terminal commands so we can choose to or not to run the mall. We could use the cube gears in the center of the cube mall and let the movie people have it to send ads with hypnotizing subliminal messages, this may help to finally make those people happy. I know it's late in 12.10's cycle, but possibly with a big push , who knows?

I have a name for this. I would call it ubuntu gnome enhanced terminal spacial planes asci mall. We would shorten the actual command to ' su u-get-spam . It must be run as root as I don't want Mark to have to roam around root all alone.

Best Wishes