Comment 18 for bug 338408

On Thu, 2009-03-19 at 13:03 +0100, Arnaud Quette wrote:

> * quickly looking, this must be due to the naming:
> the manpages name have to match the binaries name.
> so the fix here is to rename:
> - python-coherence.1 to coherence.1
> - python-coherence-applet.1 to applet-coherence.1 (beware of the words
> ordering).
The above naming scheme is what I tried first. I have changed the
manpage names to what you suggest and I still get the "no-manpage"
lintian error for coherence and applet-coherence but yet the manpages
are installed to the correct location. Should I use the override file?
hmmm I wonder if this could be a possible bug in lintian?

I only get this error when running lintian on the .deb. When I run
lintian on the source package (dsc, changes) I do not get this error.

> * while you're working on that, you should also modify the 3rd .TH
> field of the manpage to put the last manpage modification date (ie
> "Thu Mar 19 2009"). It seems to be the standard here (thought I'm not
> a groff / man guru!) and is more useful than sticking with a software
> release that is always changing without mandatory impact on the
> manpage...

> * lastly, you have a typo in the changelog:
> + * Added debain/python-coherence.lintian-overrides
> ^^
> or are you trying to fork a new Debian based distro ;-p
hahahahaha, no, no, not forking, just a typo :)
> having the above, we should be fine.
> Otherwise, I'll take on me to make the remaining changes and ping you
> for the ubuntu sync on the Debian upload is done. alright?

I have pushed the changes to the launchpad branch

Thanks for all the help :)