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Bug #1153626: Multiple Interfaces and IPs not detected in AWS VPC Medium Triaged 161 weeks

From: Gaƫtan Duchaussois
Link: ec2_multiple_ips.patch


Bug #1770082: systemd-networkd not renaming devices on boot Undecided Confirmed 219 weeks

From: Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
Link: debug.patch

draft systemd patch to skip should_rename(), adds extra debug info

Bug #1671951: networkd should allow configuring IPV6 MTU Undecided Confirmed 282 weeks

From: Ryan Harper
Link: ipv6_mtu.debdiff


Bug #1641574: Cloud-init creates a file named `none` when given AuthorizedKeysFile none in sshd_config Low Confirmed 289 weeks

From: Scott Moser
Link: partial-patch.diff

partial patch referenced, attaching just for longevity

Bug #1176159: [Lucid] Backport generic detection of Xen kernels for EC2 Medium Triaged 478 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: proposal1.debdiff

First attempt of implementation

Bug #961240: cloud-init does not run grub on PV Xen and KVM has issues Low Triaged 542 weeks

From: Alex Bligh

untested patch to fix loop over devices

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