Comment 7 for bug 1759307

On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 01:23:13AM -0000, Scott Moser wrote:
> "Packages that care about networking support in the initramfs should instead
> take care themselves to depend on isc-dhcp-client."

> Reworded:
> Packages that care about <function> should take care to depend on <package> themselves.

> Generally that's not how things work, and results in maintenance
> elsewhere. Now *those* packages had to be updated, and later on have to
> be fixed if initramfs-tools ever updated again should initramfs-tools
> ever update its implementation.

Sorry for failing to explicitly ack this. I think that you're right, we
shouldn't expect a third package to know that if they want dhcp support from
initramfs-tools, that this requires isc-dhcp-client. Either initramfs-tools
should depend on isc-dhcp-client itself, or the dhcp support should be split
out of initramfs-tools into isc-dhcp-client; and either way it shouldn't
really be cloud-init's problem.

In any case, due to this outstanding issue, isc-dhcp-client has NOT been
dropped from the minimal seed for 18.04 and will not be.