Comment 21 for bug 1569064

ok. So under bug 1569974 i fixed cloud-init to not consider the bridge as something it should pick as a fallback nic.
However, there is still a problem in that cloud-init may select the host side of a veth device.

The result is that
$ cat /etc/network/interfaces.d/50-cloud-init.cfg
auto vethVH9WCK
iface vethVH9WCK inet dhcp

a.) cloud-init needs to find some way to still do the right thing and pick the right nic ignoring those veth devices
   Note, though in a container eth0 (a veth) *is* the right device.

b.) lxd should probably not bring up bridges or do other things before ''
cloud-init-local, the code that determines this runs:
The fact taht it finds vethVH9WCK means that lxd ran that early. It probably means that lxd started containers that early, which is probably wrong as those containers might well expect to reach the interwebs during boot, and they will not be able to.