Comment 9 for bug 1100491

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

I'm attaching a user-data file that I've built to demonstrate this issue, and that it is resolved.
 * launch an instance with the provided user-data
 * ssh to instance. wait for /home/ubuntu/<version>/ directory to contain 'cloud-init-output.log', and then reboot

On ssh in, you'll see a directory named for the cloud-init version that was present on boot.
Once that directory has 'cloud-init.log' in it, then you can reboot.

The next boot should have the next version of cloud-init in it (ie, if instance had 0.6.3-0ubuntu1.1, then 0.6.3-0ubuntu1.3 should be installed. If 0.6.3-0ubuntu1.3 was there , then -proposed should have been installed).

Just looking at the associated logs will show if there as an error.
I've verified using a daily image, that had 0.6.3-0ubuntu1.3 in it. (ebs/ubuntu-precise-daily-amd64-server-20130117)