Comment 8 for bug 692462

Well, I'm looking the best way to implement it... In the current implementation bamf always tries to associate each window to its application, and since a chromium app and a chromium instance shares the same pid they are considered as the same application.

Now, using the window class, it's possible to be more accurate, but what is the preferred behavior?
I was thinking to just associate the window class to match to each application (or to a view); so when a new window is going to be matched, if it has not the same window class of a "matching application in the current implementation", it's considered as a new application.
However this would cause that if two windows with different class will be ALWAYS considered as two different applications. This is good for me, but I don't know if there are situations where this could be considered as a bad thing (since it's a stronger discriminant than the ones currently used).

PS: By the way to get this bug fixed in natty, chromium should be updated too. Versions before the recent nightlies of chromium 12 won't work!