Comment 0 for bug 692462

On my classic desktop panel, i have 2 webapps launchers in the gnome-panel.
Basically, they are just "chromium-browser --app= --some-other-flags ..." + a nice icon
Chromium is my default browser.
In the new unity based desktop mode, those webapps now appear nicely.

The problem is that when i start my default web browser, unity highlights on the left one of my webapp launchers, instead of creating one for the browser itself.

And worse.. once the browser is running, i can't start this webapp anymore as unity keeps raising the main browser instead.
For the other webapp, it works as expected.

ii libunity-misc0 0.1.1-0ubuntu3 Miscellaneous functions for Unity - shared library
ii libunity0 0.2.46-0ubuntu5 binding to get places into the launcher - shared library
ii libunity3 3.2.8-0ubuntu1 binding to get places into the launcher - shared library
ii unity 3.2.8-0ubuntu1 Interface for Ubuntu Desktop Edition
ii unity-asset-pool 0.8.18-0ubuntu2 Unity Assets Pool
ii unity-common 3.2.8-0ubuntu1 Common files for the interface for Ubuntu Desktop Edition
ii unity-place-applications 0.2.26-0ubuntu2 Application place for unity
ii unity-place-files 0.5.32-0ubuntu1 File place for unity