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Walter (wdoekes) wrote : Re: can't manually sort bookmarks anymore

I think the relevant bug report is:

It causes havoc with Tab moving, and broken sortable lists (like the bookmarks), and with pasting stuff to the wrong (X11) window. (See my previous comment.)

Downgrading to a previous version (1854) should be a matter of:

# snap list chromium --all

# snap revert chromium --revision 1854

Maybe allow more historic snap packages than 2 in the future:

# snap set system refresh.retain=4

And if you've lost the 1854 snap for amd64, I have it here:

sha512sum c636cd18798f0bb98138ec6aafa85b1ae460f415dfca5973d38cc3a70f0eb2b02629eaedf2b10acb561267bcdf73eb7f575c431d0ef56b5f350da855956c50b1

# snap install ./chromium_96.0.4664.110_snap_1854_amd64.snap --dangerous

(I think --dangerous is needed, but possibly not if you already had 1854 running before.)