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Trent Nelson (trent-a-b-nelson) wrote : Re: Startup crash after upgrading to 59.0.3071.109 on xenial

Just an FYI, this can be worked around by disabling the media router extension.

1) Start chromium on the command line with: chromium-browser --disable-extensions
2) Navigate to chrome://flags
3) Search for "media router" and set it to "Disabled"

I have tested 59.0.3071.109-0ubuntu0.16.04.1289 on two systems, but only one seems to exhibit the crash.

1) Intel i7-4770, Ubuntu 14.04.5 fully up-to-date, wired network: Does NOT exhibit the crash.
2) Intel Celeron N2840, Ubuntu 16.04.2 fully up-to-date, wireless network: DOES exhibit the crash. Resolved with the above workaround.

System #2 will even exhibit the crash while running with --temp-profile. I think it is related to wireless network scan updates and probably caused by a function parameter order-of-execution assumption that relies on side-effects (SEI CERT EXP50-CPP) as described in More details and a patch I don't seem to be able to download ATM at