Comment 30 for bug 1424201

(In reply to Jean-Yves Avenard [:jya] from comment #17)
> (In reply to Tony Houghton from comment #15)
> > I really can't agree that we're better off with software-only ffmpeg and
> > that you shouldn't make every effort with GPU decoding. I've experienced
> What I said was that you're better of using ffmpeg over gstreamer with the
> vaapi plugin
> Memory bandwidth with 4K quickly becomes the bottleneck. On windows in a
> current work in progress simply removing a single frame copy sped up the
> decoding frame rate by 6%; this is huge.
> At not time did I state that we didn't want to do full GPU acceleration.

OK. I just got the impression you weren't interested in supporting it. I hope you do manage to get it working.

> Just that things aren't trivial as what you appear to think. Why do you
> think chrome dropped it entirely very recently?

Have they dropped it altogether, even for ChromeOS, now? I know they disabled it for Linux, but didn't remove it before, and Chromium could be recompiled with it enabled with a few changes to some #if statements etc. True, it has been very unreliable, but in the sense that it never works in some versions/systems and falls back to software rather than in the sense that it keeps crashing; when it does work it's stable enough. But the reason they gave for disabling it in Linux was that they had nobody to work on it, not that they couldn't get it working.

> If it was that easy and worked well, it would be done already.

It works well in mpv, mplayer, vlc, kodi etc etc. I realise having to support it together with all the other things a browser has to do makes it harder, but surely not bordering on impossible, and I'm sure at Mozilla you have the programming talent to make it work.