Comment 20 for bug 1424201

As far as I know, there is 2 main distinct framework for hardware acceleration on linux - VDPAU and VAAPI. Eg. VLC or Mplayer supports this, but not Firefox.

I read some comments, that GStreamer + VAAPI plugin works for someone in Firefox, but personally I could never manage it to work (video plays, but not HW accelerated), move to ffmpeg seems to be a good decision.

As far as I know, VLC also uses ffmpeg internally and is able to use HW acceleration frameworks, so I suppose there should be a way for Firefox to use it also.
Now video playback in Firefox on Linux means quite high CPU usage (for me - fullHD H.264 HTML5 video on recent Broadwell i7 CPU takes ~130% of CPU - more than entire one CPU core).