Comment 22 for bug 1371274

Mateo Salta (mateo-salta) wrote :

I've bountied this question on Ask Ubuntu: for a Chromium answer.

This is something people want, there are situations where you can't or don't wish to use Chrome.

1. You wish to use Chromium not chrome for various reasons, but activly watch Netflix - would be able to enable/disable plugin by user choice.
2. Chromium is avaible as a build for ARM - on a chromebook you could copy over the plugin and be able to watch where Chromium is the only choice.
3. Chromium could be a canidate for Ubuntu's default browser if *certain* things were worked out, and is in the Software Center, Chrome isn't in the Software Center.

So considering we have a possible soultion a patch + install option (like pepper-flash) whould be something we would want, even if chromium developers aren't persuing things like this.