Comment 27 for bug 1307717

Paul White (paulw2u) wrote :

This multiple issue bug report was marked incomplete over 5 years ago but did not expire due to the bug watches, three of which were added after comment #25 without explanation.

Upstream bugs:

#363053 was closed "WontFix" on 2014-04-14 as NPAPI plugins no longer supported.
#363921 is a duplicate of #363088
#363088 was closed "Fixed" on 2014-05-01 (keyboard input ignored)
#99369 was closed "WontFix" on 2011-10-11 as side tabs were experimental so removed
#188 and its many duplicates refer to the usability of Chromium when a very large number of tabs are opened but this issue was not referred to when this bug report was opened.

There have been no comments here for over 5 years and further to comments #24 and #25 I'm closing this as being fixed as recent releases of Chromium don't seem to be affected by the reported problems.

Anyone still experiencing any of the issues noted above should open a new bug report for each issue.