Comment 16 for bug 514401

Jeff: don't worry, I can give a little more insight to the problem :)

Basically, you just committed my patch, which fixes one thing: extraction of strings. To see the effect of this, you would need to update the translation file, which you seem did not do. So, go to the po folder, and issue `intltool-update es`. This would give you an es.po file that looks like my hu.po on the screenshot in comment #8. So instead of "1 - ... 2 - ... 3 - ... " you should see
"1 - ...
2 - ...
3 - ..."
in the msgid field (also, don't forget to remove the "#, fuzzy" mark, otherwise the translation will be omitted from the .mo file when you build it).

After doing this, the problem should be solved - in theory. However, I could not see the translated text, so there must be an other bug too. Perhaps checkbox changes somehow the text, so when it looks for the translation, it does not look after the same strings that are in the po files - but this is just a guess.