Comment 95 for bug 213215

Hello, I've been on holiday, here are the rpms.

I made a %global define at the beginning of the spec file, by setting the alpha version and bumping the version the Source URL and other pointers gets updated.

I can also supply 32 bit builds built with mock if someone needs them.

btw, I'm no programmer but I tried anyway to add libcap-ng to cdrecord. Of course this comes without success, I was able to link cdrecord to but didn't get the capabilities, probably there's the need for some other patch.

If someone wants to add support I'll be happy to test it on RHEL and Fedora. According to the documents it should just be a matter of adding something like tis:

#include <cap-ng.h>


libcap-ng is not included yet in RedHat Enterprise Linux, just Fedora. RHEL 5+ has just libcap.

I can make a conditional build for rhel 5/6 and Fedora in the same rpm if someone provides the patches.