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Hey thanks! It's been awhile since I've checked that bug report. They've asked if I've had the same issue with newer versions of Ubuntu.. but the PC gets used a lot and I just haven't had the time for a complete new install etc. (it's planned though).

I added that to my Software Sources on Gutsy and also added the Signing Key as in the instructions. After updating the Sources, do I just have to install/reinstall "cdrecord" and "mkisofs", or is there also supposed to be a "CDRTools" package that should be installed to replace "CDRKit"?

When I finally get around to it I plan to reinstall the PC with a clean install of Lucid Lynx (or possibly Hardy Heron). I just have so much other stuff to do that I'm still running Gutsy for now, and have been dual booting WinXP when I need to burn something (which is a pain when I'm working on something and have to boot XP just to burn a disc). I haven't tried burning with either Hardy or Lucid, so I thought I'd ask.. Do those versions have the same issues?

Thanks again!

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> From: Thorsten Reinbold <email address hidden>
> Subject: [Bug 213215] Re: Please include original cdrecord (cdrtools) package in Ubuntu
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> Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 8:30 AM

> Until any decision will be made, you
> can use this ppa:
> ppa:brandonsnider/cdrtools
> Runs much better than the Ubuntu-Packages. Another thing to
> meantion is
> that since Ubuntu provides the "Fake"-Packages, I've got
> burning
> Problems very often. Erasing a DVD failed always, only
> buying Nero-Linux
> solved the Problem for me.
> --
> Please include original cdrecord (cdrtools) package in
> Ubuntu
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> of the bug.
> Status in “cdrtools” package in Ubuntu: Confirmed
> Bug description:
> After receiving an update for Ubuntu Gustsy Gibbon v7.10,
> CD and DVD burning is now broken (other versions may also be
> affected).  I remember seeing the original cdrtools
> files listed as being replaced or removed during the update,
> but didn't know the problems it was going to cause so I
> allowed the update to proceed.  After the update, all I
> am able to burn are coasters.  Initially I thought K3B
> was the cause, but Brasero and Nautilus also have the same
> problems and are unable to successfully burn CDs or DVDs
> properly (I am writing this from a different PC so I don't
> have the error messages at the moment).  After doing
> some research on this problem, I found that the original
> cdrools utilities (which worked and were able to
> successfully burn both CDs and DVDs on the affected PC prior
> to the update) had been replaced with a broken fork (which
> explains the messages I saw regarding replacing/removing
> these files during an update).  The presence of the
> broken version can be confirmed by checking the Programs
> being used for burning within K3B or from the command
> line.  The link below to the cdrecord website has some
> information regarding this broken fork and how to confirm
> the version installed.  Last time I checked, this
> problem has not been corrected through an update and fixing
> it manually is not something I know how to do yet.
> This needs to be fixed through an update.  Hopefully
> this broken fork has not found it's way into the upcoming
> Hardy Heron release.
> Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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