Comment 27 for bug 213215

Well, I had a conversation with Schily. As far as the political/social aspects go, I'm satisfied with his explanations and I strongly feel he needs our support. As much as possible, we should push to get the original cdrecord, mkisofs, cdda2wav... into Debian.

I'm still not at ease with the technical side of things and I don't fully comprehend the extent of the problem.. how wide it is, how many packages it affects and how many use cases can be impacted by possible regressions.

I need to know more about Brasero, libburn etc.. so I'm hoping we'll have another chat about these.

The status of packages like "wodim" (aka cdrecord), "genisoimage" (aka mkisofs), "icedax" (aka cdda2wav), who are not only based on the 2004 codebase of the tools they renamed, but apparently filled with patches the original developer finds buggy ... these, in my opinion, need to be dropped.

I'll be happy to talk about this on the Debian derivatives mailing list in an effort to get Debian to tackle the problem upstream, so it can flow downstream towards LMDE, Debian derivatives, Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

If we don't get anything done upstream, we'll need to assess how this would affect compatibility and maintenance for us. At the very least we could maintain Jorg's current codebase and make it easier for Mint/LMDE users to switch to it.

So in brief, I can't guarantee anything yet, but I can confirm the problem and the fact that this needs a solution.