Comment 127 for bug 213215

Schily (schilling-fokus) wrote :

Hi, is this an intentional status change _here_ or just an imported status change from fedora?

Given that Ubuntu "recently" started to ship ZFS, it seems that Mark Shuttleworth finally follows the license strategy I offered him in 2008.

This should make it obvious to include the original cdrtools instead of the broken fork from Debian that is even dead since May 2007.

BTW: Fedora did never ask any lawyer and did never present a verifiable theory for their anti-social claims on the cdrtools project, so any claim from Fedora is no more than libel. Fedora with it's current behavior is in conflict with the law.

SuSe sent their lawyer to Berlin years ago and after half an hour of discussion, SuSe decided to include the original cdrtools and to fade out the broken cdrkit.

So when will Ubuntu stop to blindly follow the anti social behavior from Debian?