Comment 116 for bug 213215

I have no idea where the "DEBUG:" messages are from, but it looks like you are using a buggy "make" program, or you did modify the source tree in an inapropriate way?

gmake has several well known bugs that even have been accepted by it's maintainer in 1998 already, but these bugs are still not fixed. It was always a problem to support make programs like gmake that do not behave as documented, but if you ignore the incorrect warnings from gmake and if you are OK with the fact that gmake may not stop it's work when an error is encountered, you still should be able to use gmake if you are on Linux (there are many other OS where gmake compiles fine but does not work at all).

I recommend to use "smake" as smake is known for not having problems and as smake works on more platforms than gmake.

The easiest way to start is to download the complete set of "schily" sources from:

If you call "gmake" on that source tree, it will first build a bootstrap "smake" (using shell scripts) and then use that bootstrap smake to compile the rest.

If your problems stay with the official compile method, we need to have a closer look at what you are doing. cdrtools-3.01a06 as well as schily-2011-08-29 are known to compile without problems on a sane Linux installation.

Hint: if you like to remove possible official compile results, call "./.clean".