Comment 114 for bug 213215

I am not sure what you like to tell me with this text....

There is not is single lawyer that could find any legal problem in the cdrtools package, so what problem do you have?

Please note that the mail you quoted in your previous post is from a person who is not willing to expose himself with the problems. The quoted mail contains nothing than a bunch of unlrelated blabla. (*)

If one of your lawyer did really see a problem, why does he keep it secret? Why did companies like Sun that really asked laywers made a decission against cdrkit and pro cdrtools?

What redhat is doing with cdrtools is called pointless bashing, as there was never a single legal argument from redhat against cdrtools. Do you really like to continue this way?

RedHat lost it's credability with the way it deals with cdrtools. It would be nice to see this changed and it would be nice if we could start a fact based discussion. Are you ready for a fact based discussion?

*) redhat e.g. closed many still valid bug reports against cdrkit; arguing with the number of bugs in the redhat buglist is childish. In special if you watch related discussions in the net where more and more people inform others that they needed to go to cdrtools in order to be able to work again.