Comment 112 for bug 213215

There is no combination of CDDL and GPL in cdrtools.

Cdrtools is a set of more than 25 separate projects (or "works" when using the wording of lawyers). Each of the different projects is completely under a single license only. 4 projects are still under GPL, 2 projects are under the BSD license, the rest is CDDL.

A detailed decription is available in the file COPYING, but it seems that the linux distributors that support the attacks from Debian did never read that file...

BTW: The whole dispute was initiated by by some unfriendly people from Debian and was nothing but a red herring to distract from the real problem: the Debian packetizer changed and the new packetizer that was unwilling to collaborate.

And in case you don't know, the license change was a reaction on the attacks against the project. If people did like to have everything stay unter GPL, these people would need to have supported me in 2005, but this did not happen.

Anyway, Linux distributions are made from many projects under many different licenses and nobody reported a problem resulting from that aggregation.