Comment 105 for bug 213215

The change towards the CDDL was not related to Sun but was a reaction
on an anti-OSS anti-GPL act from Debian.

At a time when cdrecord was 100% GPL (in Summer 2005), Debian started
to claim that there was a license change in cdrecord although absolutely
nothing was changed in cdrecord. Debian claimed there was a GPL
violation as a result of a non-existent and just alleged license change.

At that time, people could have given help to me.....

Nobody helped. In special, the FSF did not help against this anti-OSS
anti-GPL act from Debian.

As a reaction on the attacks from Debian and as a restult on the missing
help from others, I decided to change the license so Debian could no
longer claim that there was a GPL license violation as there was no
GPL anymore in cdrecord. After the license change on May 15 2006,
cdrecord was 100% CDDL. Debian continued to claim a GPL violation
in cdrecord. So it is obvious that Debian is not interested in any
kind of relation to reality.

As a result, the FSF did loss one of the top 10 GPL OSS projects in the world.
Why do they now weep bitter tears on the lost project?

As the reason for the license change still exists, why do you believe that
another license change would help?

The current situation is a result from the attacks from Debian and a result
from the missing help from the FSF and from the OSS community.