Comment 9 for bug 13823

seanh (seanh) wrote :

I would like to re-open this. Ripping audio CDs appears to be unreasonably slow
on Ubuntu. I have tried on different machines and all seem to have this problem,
with both Warty and Hoary - and since I found this bug report about it I guess
it is normal Ubuntu behaviour that everyone experiences (though I've not been
able to verify this for sure, despite asking on forums, mailing lists and irc
repeatedly). To rip a music CD will take around an hour. I have searched long
and hard for a solution. By playing with paranoia and error checking settings I
got it down to around 15-20mins, on a laptop that would rip a CD in a couple of
minutes under Windows or say, SuSE. the best speed I have seen was arond 9x
using Grip with all error checking turned off.

It's not a SoundJuicer issue, Goobox is just as slow, as is Grip, as is
KAudioCreator. Maybe a cdparanoia issue, or maybe cdparanoia is just a slow
ripper (in which case something else should be used by default).

Anyway it's a serious issue - my windows converts are not impressed when it
takes an hour to rip CDs. They are used to ripping piles of CDs without thinking
about it, because it only takes a minute or two. SoundJuicer and Goobox are such
nice interfaces for ripping, but they're no good if they don't work at a decent