Comment 4 for bug 1895329

sudodus (nio-wiklund) wrote :

I have seen several cases, where bugs appear in situations typical for end users, who want to install Ubuntu and Ubuntu family flavours in their computers.

If I understand correctly, you have not seen these bugs in your internal tests. Instead of testing only in virtual machines, I think at least some of you developers should have separate test computers, where you can test things directly, for example booting from USB drives. Otherwise the debug process will be very slow because of the delay in the communication between you (developers) and us (testers).


I did some tests with yesterday's Lubuntu Groovy iso file, the same as in the previous test.

USB drives

- a 60 GB SSD, OCZ-AGILITY ITY3 in a USB to SATA adapter
- a 32 GB pendrive, Sandisk Extreme
- a 16 GB pendrive, Sandisk Extreme

Process: Cloning

Test computer:

(This time *not* the Lenovo V130)

Tested with the USB drives

- in used state (with various data, typically leftovers after previous tests with live or persistent live systems).

- when completely overwritten with zeros (matching your test case)


I can draw the following conclusions:

- I reproduce the bug, that a third partition is created, but without a file system, when the USB drives are 'in used state'

- I reproduce your result, that a third partition is created with an ext4 file system and the label 'writable', when the drives were completely overwritten with zeros.

Please notice, that I have not had this issue before you started to modify the boot system. I have created many live drives by cloning from Ubuntu, Lubuntu ... 20.04.x and Groovy until the beginning of July, and it was *never* necessary to overwrite the whole drive with zeros (in order to get a third partition is created with an ext4 file system and the label 'writable').