Activity log for bug #1215504

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2013-08-22 15:35:55 Glenn Washburn bug added bug
2013-08-22 15:35:55 Glenn Washburn attachment added luks-persistent-img.ubuntu.patch
2013-08-22 16:19:46 Ubuntu Foundations Team Bug Bot tags encryption enhancement encryption enhancement patch
2013-08-22 16:19:53 Ubuntu Foundations Team Bug Bot bug added subscriber Ubuntu Review Team
2013-08-22 19:58:44 Brian Murray casper (Ubuntu): status New Triaged
2013-08-22 19:58:49 Brian Murray casper (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Wishlist
2013-08-22 19:58:57 Brian Murray tags encryption enhancement patch encryption enhancement patch saucy
2017-02-11 09:06:42 Glenn Washburn attachment added patch to add encryption to persistent file when using livecd functionality
2018-10-25 19:04:53 harshit bug added subscriber rockij