Camera is not taking pictures if ~/Pictures does not exist

Bug #1319110 reported by Leo Arias on 2014-05-13
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camera-app (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

I can't take pictures with my camera on mako, rev utopic 25.
I've just flashed my device wiping everything.

Steps to reproduce:
- open the camera
- touch the capture button (nothing happens)

Here's the output from .cache/upstart/application-click-com.ubuntu.camera_camera_2.9.1.258.log

Leo Arias (elopio) wrote :

<ogra_> elopio, look in syslog for DENIED messages too for your camera app bug that last message in your log looks a bit like either apparmor blocking you or the disk being full
<elopio> ogra_: yes, you are right, apparmor denied
<ogra_> that must be new then
<ogra_> jdstrand, ^^^
<ogra_> issues with the camera-app
<jdstrand> oh, the camera-app is confined now?
<ogra_> it shoulldnt i think
<ogra_> but can apps become confined by accident ?
<jdstrand> no
<jdstrand> not unless it said, "hey, I want to be confined"
<jdstrand> fyi, the camera app could be special and simply use the 'picture_files' policy group
<jdstrand> note, that the denial is for creating the ~/Pictures directory
<jdstrand> the picture_files policy group doesn't allow creating the directory, only reading it (as well as reading/writing files under ~/Pictures)
<ogra_> still weird though
<jdstrand> so maybe it has been confined for a while but the ~/Pictures directory always existed but now it doesn't
<ogra_> rsalveti, you updated the camera-app twice the last week ... do you know if the click package was actually updated too ?
<ogra_> ah, not twice actually
<elopio> ogra_, jdstrand: I created the Pictures directory and now it works.
<ogra_> well, it should exist ... thats weird
<ogra_> does ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs exist on your system ?
<ogra_> (and contain Pictures)
<elopio> ogra_: yes. XDG_PICTURES_DIR="/home/phablet/Pictures"
<ogra_> hmm, weird
<elopio> my /home/phablet is empty.
<ogra_> sergiusens, does --wipe actually remove the dirs ?
<sergiusens> ogra_: --wipe just does a 'format data' in ubuntu_commands
<ogra_> i dont get how elopio could end up with an empty home then
<sergiusens> ogra_: elopio I had that after running autopilot sometimes
<ogra_> oh
<elopio> I will flash one more time.
<sergiusens> ogra_: camera and gallery haven't been click uploaded
<ogra_> sergiusens, right, well, the missign dir is the issue anyway ... but i guess we need to get the apps back in sync with the debs at some point
<rsalveti> ogra_: no, that was just packaging changes for the deb version
<ogra_> right
<elopio> ogra_, sergiusens: freshly installed, with ubuntu-device-flash --channel devel-proposed --wipe
<elopio> /home/phablet is empty.
<elopio> well, it has the hidden dirs.

Jim Hodapp (jhodapp) wrote :

If the Pictures dir isn't being created, this isn't a bug with the camera-app. It's more a core platform bug. Though the camera-app should better notify the user of such a situation and not just silently fail.

summary: - Camera is not taking pictures on my mako
+ Camera is not taking pictures if ~/Pictures does not exist
Changed in camera-app:
status: New → Confirmed
importance: Undecided → Low
Florian Boucault (fboucault) wrote :

This was fixed in qtubuntu-camera recently.

Changed in camera-app:
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
status: Fix Released → Confirmed
Florian Boucault (fboucault) wrote :

Forget my earlier comment. Not fixed yet.

Changed in camera-app (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Low
status: New → Confirmed
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