Comment 67 for bug 271283

(In reply to comment #8)
> > Why not doing the change in the tarball
> and extract into buildroot as before?
> So the changes to be visible.

Ok. I understand now.

> > What's the meaning of all these settings
> and how are they going to change the font rendering? Aren't most of them
> already set as default in /etc/fonts/suse-hinting.conf?
> This does not affect all applications.

Yes, but what about different applications from, which prefer
Xrm setting over fontconfig configuration? They will change behaviour. In
which way?

(In reply to comment #9)
> > What happened to /var in xdm.tar.bz2?
> err seems you confised the file with misc.tar.bz2. This file has no /var

Indeed. I was wrong. I apologize.