Comment 57 for bug 271283

On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 03:53:19PM -0000, Mike Kasick wrote:
> Re: 40_xres_lcddefault.patch
> Haven't seen any issues with it in other applications.
> The only problem outstanding that the patch doesn't address is that
> there's currently no easily configurable way to change which lcd filter
> to use (lcddefault, lcdlegacy, lcdlight, etc.) except to change the xrdb
> entry after gnome-settings-daemon has loaded. Granted, this was the
> case before the patch too, and at least now the behavior is consistent
> across applications.

Isn't this filtering something thats supposed to be configured for
each font individually (through fontconfig)? From what i understood
this change was only needed because openoffice doesnt properly honour
fontconfig settings for lcdfilter.

 - Alexander