Comment 0 for bug 815026

Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) wrote :


The Cairo-Dock team proposes a bugs fixed version for its 2.3.0 branch.

This is the ChangeLog:
 * From 2.3.0~3 to 2.3.0~3.1:
   - Stack: fixed a bug that prevented from having more than 1 stack.
   - Systray: fixed a crash when inside the dock.

Please note that this new version fixes also this bug #811579 (Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins needs to be recompiled to fix a dependency issues)

Bzr branches will be linked to this bug report asap.

How to reproduce the bugs:
   * Stack will not work correctly if there is more than one instance.
   * Enable the Systray (aka Notification Area) applet and put it into the dock (not in a desklet mode)

Thank you for your help