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Fabounet (fabounet03) wrote :

Binary package hint: cairo-dock-plug-ins

Binary package hint: cairo-dock-plug-ins

The current version in Maverick is a beta.
We have fixed the latest bugs and completed the latest features, and have now reached a release candidate.
Please update the 2 packages (core and plug-ins) with the new version.

Here is a short list of the bug-fixes :

* Core:
618336 all button tips visible if icons 'maximum zoom' set to 1.0
614686 create new sud-dock icon that looking like flat
612617 Add custom launchers or sub-docks, can't modify name.
612355 Add option in config file to set GL/Cairo mode
611733 icon labels go off-screen

* Plug-ins:
616176 Dust Bin Hang and Incorrect Configuration
604034 Change terminal tab's name lost the color
582452 GMenu does not contain any applications

The branch lp:ubuntu/cairo-dock-plug-ins is ready to be uploaded.

REM : Please update cairo-dock AND cairo-dock-plug-ins