Comment 3 for bug 1018538

Ernst Winther (ernstw) wrote :

I'm seeing something similar:

When logging in to my headless server (Ubuntu server 12.10, byobu 5.21, tmux 1.6) from my laptop (running Kubuntu 12.04.1, byobu 5.17, screen 4.00.03jw4) via SSH in Konsole 2.8.5 I get the same behavior as described by Andreas - the selection disappears when the clock is updated.

When running Byobu locally on my laptop selection works as it should and the clock updates while selecting.

When logging in to my server using my netbook (Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS, byobu 2.68, screen 4.00.03jw4 in Gnome Terminal 2.30.2) I can mark the content in the byoby screen without any problems. I noticed that the clock stops while marking the text. It will resume as soon as I release the mouse button. Same behavior when running Byobu locally on my netbook.

Hope this helps narrowing down the problem.