Comment 4 for bug 1709164

> dh_auto_test runs the build tests but they appear to be set as SKIP upstream.

They are automatically skipped if you are building in an environment where the simplest possible use of bwrap (bind-mounting / over / and running /bin/true) doesn't work, which unfortunately includes all official Debian and Ubuntu buildds.

On Debian, one factor is that Debian's kernel doesn't allow creation of unprivileged user namespaces by default, which means bwrap needs to be setuid to work, and in a buildd environment the just-built bwrap is not yet setuid. I'm not sure whether this applies on Ubuntu.

Another factor is that we can't typically run bwrap inside a container, and I'm not sure that running it inside a chroot works either.

In general the bubblewrap/flatpak stack will have to be tested via autopkgtest or equivalent - expecting container stuff to work correctly at build-time is not really very feasible.