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Markus Majer (mpathy) wrote :

Just wait for Ubuntu 15.10 - there is BtrFS V4.* included - which is a huge improvement over BtrFS V3.* - all stuff should work a bit smoother..

Btw I dont have to boot from a Live CD, all tools are available in the busybox already - where you get after entering the crypt password, if the partition doesnt boot.

In the meantime: The check --repair works every time for me that it happpens.

It happend 3 times, my system hangs when some VMs make problems and only this helped back then because they deactivated the Magic SysReq Key Sequence ( partially.

(REISUB only works partially in Ubuntu, I didnt knew until I read it somewhere..)

So, I reactivated the Sequence - now the hangups doesnt make problems anymore as it seems. Maybe thats a compromise until the next Ubuntu release