Comment 13 for bug 488192

stlubuntu (jlrbennett) wrote :

Yes, it is indeed reproducible in Ubuntu 9.10 the Karmic Koala. As a matter of fact, I believe that 9.10 is the version that this bug was filed against.

However, I did clear off and made a partition available and installed 64-bit Alpha 2 of lucid to see if this bug will still be a factor once Ubuntu 10.04 is released. The good news is that Audio CDs are detected properly and this BUG is NOT a factor on 64-bit Lucid Alpha 2 (with all subsequent updates applied.) Brasero and Rhythmbox were installed by default and I added Sound-Juicer via synaptic. All worked properly. None crashed (not even nautilus.)

Alpha 2 of 64-bit lucid appears to be very stable. As a matter of fact this development release of lucid is considerably more stable than the final distribution release of 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10.

However, although this bug does not appear to impact lucid (at least at this point), I am concerned that this could be used as an excuse to not fix it in Karmic (and Karmic is still supposed to be supported for a little over a year and are not all these package found in main?) Could this bug be relative to the transition from hal to device-kit?