Comment 69 for bug 405544

I have a similar issue too. Brasero worked fine this morning to burn an ISO file to a blank DVD. This afternoon I have tried to do the same process to burn a different ISO file and my laptop is no longer recognising media in the drive. The media is the same type of Verbatim 4.7gb blank disk. This is very frustrating as it was working fine until this morning. I have also tried with GnomeBaker but I get the same issue. Basically the disk is not being mounted and the DVD link does not appear on the desktop. I have tried the detect media option in the Disk Utility software but it does not do anything. I did notice that after I burnt the successful disk this morning even after I had removed the disk the desktop DVD link stayed behind although what this indicates I have no idea. Any thoughts on this being resolved with the stable Lucid release at the end of the month? I did try the upgrade as suggested above but it has made no difference.