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brasero (Ubuntu)

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Hardy RC, fresh installation + updates.

Problem occurs from time to time, probably with Nautilus, but not sure for some of the freezes.

Display seems locked but it's probably more a problem with inputs than anything else :
- no key actions is taken into account,
- no mouse moves is translated on display, no button clicks have an action
- system continues to play music, download on internet and copy files on usb ... all actions requested before, that can't be canceled, stoppped ... Even the display may change according to running programs ...

The only solution is hard reset button on pc. The pc then boots normally. Ubuntu starts without any problem and runs as usual. Next freeze may occur many days later. This already happened on alphas and beta Hardy but I supposed it was due to video, firefox or ... I suspect now Nautilus !

Any idea on what files I could add as attachment ?

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TenLeftFingers (tenleftfingers) wrote :

Marking as confirmed given that there is a duplicate.

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Denis_AeC (denis.romand-aliceadsl) wrote :

Many freezes later :
- most of the freezes come with file management :
  * Nautilus + Brasero : at the end of cd burning, brasero ejects the cd, you have to introduce it for a check. Nautilus then opens a new window to display cd contents. Brasero begins the check and all ends with a freeze.
  * Nautilus on a folder. I open another Nautilus in another desktop : in seconds, system freezes
  * Nautilus in a folder, click on a photo, gthumb opens, change to another photo in gthumb, close gthumb : system freezes ...
  * Nautilus in a folder, Hugin creating files while concatenating photos in a panorama. Switch to Nautilus while Hugin modifies a file : system freezes
  * not Nautilus, but photo import using gthumb. Try to change window dimension while gthumb gets thumbnails from camera : system freezes.

- but I am not sure that it does not come from a mouse move while a window (Nautilus, gtumb) is being "refreshed" by another process.

I now suspect desktop visual effects : I was in "Normal" mode, I just switched to "None" ... Wait & See !

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Denis_AeC (denis.romand-aliceadsl) wrote :

Some other infos :
- with Nautilus, copy a full cd to disk. It starts normally, then all the system freezes (probably on a mouse move) : mouse or keyboard inactive but copy continues. When the CD drive is inactive, reset & restart ubuntu : all the copy has been done. (repeated twice)
- with Brasero : prepear data copy from disk to cd : OK. Then start the copy : brasero main windows is replaced by a popup describing burning process states. If I then move the mouse, all the system freezes after a small mouse move : mouse or keyboard inactive but CD burning continues. When the CD drive is inactive, reset & restart ubuntu : the CD is correctly burned. (Repeated twice)

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Adam Niedling (krychek) wrote :

Have you tried to run a memory check already?

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Denis_AeC (denis.romand-aliceadsl) wrote :

Currently, all the freezes occur whith Brasero, and it seems systematic if I move the mouse too quickly, or look at Nautilus. When I start a CD burning, I now let the PC alone ...
On normal use, no freeze : firefox, thunderbird, OOo, Hugin, Gimp, ...
I will start a memory test some day ;-) and will give here the result.

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Denis_AeC (denis.romand-aliceadsl) wrote :

Yes, I finally succeeded in running a memory test instead of starting Ubuntu !
No, I got no error during a full and a half test (2 hours ...).

For me, the problem is mainly due to Brasero, as I never get this system freeze now when running Ubuntu. It now occurs only with Brasero (that I avoid using ...).

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Magnus S (magnuss) wrote :

Is this happening in Hardy up-to-date? Intrepid?

Please have a look in the logs and see if there is something related to the crash, and post the related lines. Or attach the complete logs if you like. Look especially in /var/log/syslog, /var/log/messages etc, and also in .~/xsession-errors.

Also run brasero in a terminal (brasero --debug), reproduce and attach any output.

Thanks in advance.

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Denis_AeC (denis.romand-aliceadsl) wrote :

Hardy up to date, brasero 0.7.? but I just downloaded Brasero 0.8.3 from GetDeb and will test it next time I have a CD to engrave. It may take some time !

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Denis_AeC (denis.romand-aliceadsl) wrote :

Now on Jaunty ...
System freezes from time to time, Brasero is not involved in most of them !
Freezes seems to occur when a windows is being displayed (when changing from an application to another) or refreshed (loading a new page in Firefox) AND the mouse is moved at the same time.
The system continues its job(s) (loading a page from internet, playing a music, burning a cd) but the user can have no action on it, except through the reset button.

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Frank (frankmueller-deactivatedaccount) wrote :


I encounter the same problem, except it always(!) happens and not only from time to time. At the moment I am not able to burn a CD/DVD because the system freezes as soon as Brasero gathered all data and could/should start the burning.

On Windows the burning works. So it is not a fault of my cd burner.

Mainboard is AOpen Modell i975Xa-YDG. Ubuntu is Jaunty with up to date patches:
Linux waterloo 2.6.28-13-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 2 07:55:09 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I don't know if it is of any help, but I have to boot my computer with acpi=ht (or acpi=off) otherwise the system freezes approx. 20 seconds after gnome is up and running. So maybe the problem is related to some kernel-accessing-cd-player-thing.

If I can provide more information please give me a hint how.


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Pedro Villavicencio (pedro) wrote :

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Is this reproducible with Ubuntu 9.10 the Karmic Koala? Please test and provide us of feedback about it, Thanks in advance..

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Frank (frankmueller-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

Yes , it is reproducible with Ubuntu 9.10 the Karmic Koala.

In the meantime I found the following workaround:

export CDR_NODMATEST=true

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