Comment 32 for bug 327284

You all have been very helpful with getting my Bluetooth headset working again. Now I'm having another problem, and I hope you can point me in the right direction.

I have upgraded my pulseaudio audio packages to 0.9.15 and bluez to 4.37 as described above. The pulse audio daemon runs and pairs with my HT820 headset using pulseaudio-bluetooth directly. At the pacmd prompt, I can "play-file sound.wav HT820" and I can hear my test file. So far so good.

But I keep getting "connection refused" errors from padevchooser, paman etc. I know my pulseaudio server is running because I can play files from the command line. Maybe these tools need to be updated?

I have downloaded the sources from and recompiled alsa-libs, alsa-plugins, and the pa toolset. I still get "connection refused" errors when I can prove the server is running with play-file. Also, whenever I launch any of the pa tools, syslog reports "pulseaudio[32714]: pid.c: Daemon already running."

I belong to the groups pulse, pulse-access, pulse-rt, audio. What have I missed?