Bleachbit: malformed database schema (collection_metadata) - near "WITHOUT": syntax error: kinto.sqlite.

Bug #1668073 reported by daniel CURTIS on 2017-02-26
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bleachbit (Ubuntu)

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Bleachbit is an utility to delete unnecessary files from the system etc. For a long time - I suppose, since Firefox update to the 48. version - during cleaning files related to the web browser, I'm seeing such error (it makes no difference if bleachbit is running via sudo(8) or as a normal user):

● malformed database schema (collection_metadata) - near "WITHOUT": syntax error: /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/abcd.default/kinto.sqlite

According to the file(1) utility, _kinto.sqlite_ is: "SQLite 3.x database, user version 1". I've tried to edit this file, to check what contains, and there is only one line:

● SQLite format 3

Nothing more, nothing less. Everything seems to work okay - no problems with Firefox, bleachbit etc. I have no idea what's the reason of this error. Here are some technical informations:

# Bleachbit: 0.9.1-1 (url:
# Firefox: 51.0.1 (32 bit)
# Release: 12.04.5 LTS (according to the lsb_release(1) command).

Thanks, best regards.

daniel CURTIS (anoda) on 2017-02-26
description: updated
summary: - malformed database schema (collection_metadata) - near "WITHOUT": syntax
- error: kinto.sqlite.
+ Bleachbit: malformed database schema (collection_metadata) - near
+ "WITHOUT": syntax error: kinto.sqlite.
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Andrew Ziem (ahziem1) wrote :

BleachBit version 0.9.1 cameo out in 2011 and is now very old. Since then there have been many bug fixes and other changes. Would you please update to a newer version from and please try again?

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daniel CURTIS (anoda) wrote :

Hi Andrew. I've installed a new Bleachbit version - 1.12 via dpkg(1) utility. There was some problem with dependencies (Bleachbit depends on python:any (>= 2.7.5-5~) but there is 2.7.3-0ubuntu2.2 version installed etc.) Anyway, everything went okay - I mean that I could open and use Bleachbit. New Bleachbit was installed; I confirmed it with 'dpkg -l' command and Bleachbit menu.

However, during cleaning files (Firefox was closed), an additional problems appeared. Here they are:

● Error in execution of <bleachbit.Command.Function instance at 0x88a4eec>
  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 84, in execute
      for ret in cmd.execute(self.really_delete):
    File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 149, in execute
    File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 751, in vacuum_sqlite3
      execute_sqlite3(path, 'vacuum')
    File "/usr/share/bleachbit/bleachbit/", line 307, in execute_sqlite3
      '%s: %s' % (Common.decode_str(exc), path))

● DatabaseError: malformed database schema (collection_metadata) - near "WITHOUT": syntax error: /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/abcd.default/kinto.sqlite

As we can see, besides malformed database error there is one more related with python, I guess. But, as I've already mentioned, everything seems to work okay. But, for now, I decided to remove 1.12 version and install Precise default, which is 0.9.

By the way; thank You very much for the Bleachbit. It's a very good application :- )

Thanks, best regards.

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Tobias B. Besemer (tobias-besemer) wrote :

Hi Daniel,

as BB1.12 is very old, too, source is no more maintained and bugs/issues are hard to analyze, because they can be already fixed in newer versions!
Btw.: Latest stable BleachBit with a lot of changes and improvements are version 3!
Can you give version 3 a try and maybe try to reproduce the issue again, too?
If issue is still reproducible, can you ppen a new issue ticket for it here: ?
I think as you have a "malformed database schema" and I know some "language based data imports" hot fixrd lately to (in BB3), I would suggest you to provide your used Firefox language too and maybe attach (the empty) SQLite file for analyze, also.

Greets, Tobias B. Besemer.

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