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Bug #1777444: broadcom-sta ADT test failure with linux-hwe-edge 4.15.0-23.25~16.04.1 Undecided New 70 weeks

From: Marcelo Cerri
Link: broadcom-sta_6.30.223.271-3~16.04.3.debdiff


Bug #1276651: BCM wl driver crashes during roaming High Triaged 214 weeks

From: trustin
Link: noroaming.patch


Bug #1478592: bcmwl-kernel-source fixes [Patch] Undecided Confirmed 221 weeks

From: ldc
Link: monolithic.patch


Bug #1432444: bcmwl-kernel-source does not install STA wireless driver on live boot Undecided Confirmed 240 weeks

From: James Hollingshead
Link: 0012-add-support-for-linux-3.16.patch

Patch to get wl module to compile

Bug #1197586: bcmwl-kernel-source Error! Bad return status for module build [error: implicit declaration of function ‘create_proc_entry’] Medium Confirmed 319 weeks

From: Purinda Gunasekara
Link: 0008-add-support-to-linux-3.9.0.patch

Added support for kernel-3.9.0

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