Comment 90 for bug 1415880

Dmitry Mazur (dime-m) wrote :

Hi, don't know where to post this (and my English is not so good, sorry), but: i have the same problems with my bcm43142 (HP G4 250 laptop) + (4.4.0-24-generic #43-Ubuntu 16.04 64'bit' GNU/Linux) - it drops connections per "any random time". Today (after many days of wifipain) I've seem that ping drop so many packages, BUT not for the first time - ONLY when u start ping anywhere for the second time after `modprobe or .. wifi goes on?` ! So i have decided to check if terminal will always ping ( * my router ip, cause don't be banned by anybody, of couse) and what i've seen: NO DROPPING while pinging. at all. (also packets AND wifi connection i mean + wifi signal meters "don't jump"). (64 bytes from icmp_seq=6338 ttl=64 time=0.628 ms). but. Before this i disabled ipv6 and don't change it back.. Tomorrow will check with ipv6 and other options.. I know this is not a cure, but it's working for me. What do next if i can help?