Comment 37 for bug 1415880

monochromec (monochromec) wrote :

Please note that the null pointer crash is only required for kernels >= 3.18. I can confirm that the patch is working on both unicorn and vivid releases.

@Hugo: Just follow the instructions at the beginning of the bug report A somewhat different approach using dkms is described in a duplicate bug report I filed some time ago (

@PierreF: I had similar problems when suspending a MBP (which uses a BCM 4331), albeit the driver would stop working rather then causing a kernel panic upon wake-up. Removing the driver before suspending and inserting it once again upon wake-up did the trick for me. The implementation of this is straight forward: just put a similar script to the following in /lib/systemd/system-sleep

MA=$(uname -r | awk -F'.' '{ print $1 }')
if [ $MA -ge 4 ] ; then
    if [ $1 = pre ] ; then
 rmmod wl
 modprobe wl

Cf. for the systemd power management documentation for the details.