Comment 11 for bug 1415880

Andre Bogus (bogusandre) wrote :

Hi again,

this took some time. I had to dig up a Windows 7 Rescue CD from somewhere, change my BIOS settings to activate legacy support (otherwise it would not boot), then start the BIOS update utility. Those were some tense 30 seconds. Afterwards, it rebooted into Windows, which I exited, rebooting again only to find out that either the Windows or the BIOS update had somehow mangled my grub partitions. With a vivid USB stick, I was able to make it boot again.

Long story short, the error reappeared promptly. So, now I'm on 8DCN40WW (and we can probably remove the BIOS-outdated tag).

I'm going to do some more testing, perhaps upgrading to vivid.