Comment 15 for bug 1358966

@HugoHirsch: unfortunately, we couldn't get this fix into 14.10. (I'm just a community contributor, and I don't know that much about Ubuntu's release processes work (or don't), but it seems to me like it's really hard to fix things in the current release.)

But fortunately for you, there are three releases (14.04, 15.04 and 15.10) that already have the fix! I just double-checked 14.04's repository, and it has the updated package:

bcmwl-kernel-source (

So, I think you can either use one of these releases, or just download and install the deb package directly from the above URL.

(And now I realize your comment was several months ago, and it's only the robots that decided to change things. But others have apparently been reporting this on old package versions, so the info is still useful.)